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I’m an Anglo-French person currently based in Malta in the Mediterranean. Malta has been my home for a few years now, and there are many things I like about the country.

However, living under a constitution that defines catholicism as the state religion is not one of them. Nor is the holier-than-thou blinkered religiosity that many of the Maltese exhibit one day, while treating asylum seekers like something they picked up on their shoe the next.

This hypocrisy finds its way into all aspects of a Maltese catholic’s life, from hanging a grisly crucifix in the car that they use to cut other people off and swear out of the window, to getting all steamed up about abortion while at the same time killing thousands of protected birds using illegal equipment. Of course I’m not saying that all catholics are like that, just as I’m in no way saying that all Maltese catholics are like that. Actually, I think I AM saying that… And I see some manifestation of this phenomenon almost every day.

I call it “faux piety” and no doubt this blog will touch on it more than once. I have set the blog up as a way of exploring the various ways in which religious faith can be shown to be unnecessary, stupid and downright dangerous, but I also try to see the funny side sometimes. I will also explore the circumstances of my own religious upbringing and subsequent “deconversion”, in an attempt to understand my own strong anti-religious feelings a little better.

And let’s face it, if I get a bee under my bonnet about something else entirely, I’m liable to post about that as well…

Read, enjoy, think, comment, share.

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