Pope slams gay marriage

The article “Pope slams gay marriage” appeared in the Times of Malta on 11 January 2010. Clearly the pope’s comments are a direct result of the decision of Portugal to approve plans to legalise gay marriage, and the recent marriage joining two men in Argentina.

Does the catholic church never learn?

Firstly, his comments are blatantly homophobic, as they seek to encourage the denial of a human right to gay people.

Secondly, if the scope of his address had been “catholics should not marry other catholics of the same sex” there would be no problem, however as usual he addresses the entire planet without seeming to understand that he is not king of the world and has no business inflicting his hateful views on non-believers.

Take this direct quote, for instance: “Freedom cannot be absolute. For man, the path to be taken cannot be determined by caprice or willfulness, but must rather correspond to the structure willed by the Creator,” he said.

Quite apart from his use of the word “man” which betrays the ongoing misogyny of the church, who the hell is he to tell you, me or anyone else that our path through life must be something in particular?

Hey, pope, fuck off and take your bigoted megalomania with you.

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