Serious setback for free speech

The Danish newspaper Politiken, which published those famous cartoons of Mohammed in 2006, has apologised for reprinting one of the best cartoons in 2008 (the one showing Mohammed with a bomb as a turban).

This is really disappointing, and sends a message to religious extremists of all kinds (but especially the three most violent ones – islam, christianity and judaism) that if they make threats when they feel offended, those offending them will give in.

Freedom of speech has to include the freedom to offend, otherwise it is not truly freedom. No-one has the right not to be offended – if they did, nothing would ever be achieved and the whole of society would be in a permanent stalemate.

So, for those of you who missed them first time around, and also just because I feel like it, here are those famous cartoons in all their glory. Click for the full sized version.

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