How does the church get away with it?

With a title like that, do I really need to write a post? Well, maybe a short one.

Here’s the issue: Q&A: Women bishops vote (BBC News).

If a private company or a public sector organisation said “we will not allow women to become directors” it would be hauled through the courts and rightly so.

So how come the Church of England gets away with this blatant discrimination? Being a bishop is a job like any other, and the church should be subject to the same employment laws that govern every other organisation or company in the UK.

By allowing the church to get away with refusing to allow women to become bishops, the government has seriously let down every woman in the UK, and has ensured that resentment of religious privilege will continue to grow.

Of course, I’m happy about the last bit, the more resentment against religious privilege the better, but surely it’s time the church was brought to heel and made to behave in a civilised fashion.

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