Welcome to spam city

Updated 4 May 2017

Welcome to Malta, where legislation is ignored and spammers rule.

Here are some Maltese companies that illegally added me to their email list without my permission. Some of them don’t even offer an unsubscribe link, or if they do, it doesn’t work.

I’ve included all the email addresses that I could find for each company, so that spambots can pick them up. Please feel free to subscribe them to animal porn subscription lists, and please consider not doing business with them.

I’ll add new companies when they spam me. Been spammed by a Maltese company? Leave a comment!

Teatru Manoel (email spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: events@teatrumanoel.com.mt
Email: bookings@teatrumanoel.com.mt

Fantasy Tours (SMS spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: info@fantasytours.com.mt
Email: etienne@fantasytours.com.mt

Theatre Gone Wrong (email spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: events@theatregonewrong.com

Scan Malta Computer Store (email & SMS spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: esales@scanmalta.com
Email: sales@scanmalta.com
Email: support@scanmalta.com

Just Publications (email spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: info@just-publications.com
Email: design@just-publications.com

MIB Group (email spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: info@mibgroup.com.mt

Sara Grech (email spam)
Added: 2012-12-20
Email: info@saragrech.com
Email: sliema@saragrech.com
Email: stpaulsbay@saragrech.com
Email: fgura@saragrech.com
Email: rentals@saragrech.com
Email: commercial@saragrech.com
Email: supremehomes@saragrech.com

Malta Nationalist Party (email spam)
Added: 2013-02-14
Email: talk@mychoice.pn

Carisma Spa & Wellness (email spam)
Added: 2014-02-04
Email: info@carismaspa.com

Puttinu Cares (email spam)
Added: 2014-02-12
Email: info@puttinucares.org

ROCS Travel (SMS spam)
Added: 2014-04-04
Email: info@rocsgrp.com
Email: travel@rocsgrp.com

SMSMondial (SMS spam)
Added: 2014-08-08
Email: info@smsmondial.com.mt

Hudson Holdings (SMS spam)
Added: 2015-05-11
Email: info@hudson.com.mt

The Xara Palace (email spam)
Added: 2017-05-04
Email: info@xaracollection.com

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