Blasphemy under threat again (kind of)

A recent ‘Jesus & Mo‘ cartoon referred to renewed attempts by Saudi Arabia to push for a GLOBAL law against blasphemy:

Well, the Saudi Arabians and their deity can fuck off. The reason I added ‘kind of’ to the title of this post is that I don’t think anyone elsewhere in the world is stupid enough to think that this would be a good idea.

But this is what we can expect from a country that defines atheism as terrorism. I kid you not. Wild, huh?

One of the fundamental tenets of freedom of speech (which, as you know, I support without reservation or qualification) is that ideas and beliefs must be subject to criticism without fear of penalty. That includes religious beliefs of any and all kinds.

If you have the right to believe in a deity (and you do have that right), then I have the right to criticise and, if I choose to, ridicule that belief. You don’t have a right not to be offended. And after all, blasphemy is simply about being offended by something. No more, no less.

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