Taking e-cigarettes through Dubai airport IS OK

Well, this post is nothing to do with either autism or atheism, but the info in it needs to be out there on the web, so here we are.

I will soon be travelling from Malta to Southeast Asia for a few weeks. I’ll be changing planes in Dubai, and I know that e-cigarettes and vaping are illegal in Dubai. So I went online to Dubai airport’s live chat today, and this is the transcript:

Jason: Hi. Thanks for connecting to Dubai Airports! How can we assist you today?
Me: Hi. I will be transferring through Dubai next week and want to know if I can pack my e-cigarette in hand baggage
Jason: Please be advised that electronic smoking devices are prohibited in the UAE, all arriving and departing passengers are restricted to possess the same.
Jason: However, please be informed that it is permissible to carry the item (e-cigarette) in hand baggage if you are a transit passenger.
Me: Yes, I will be arriving on Emirates flight from Malta and then boarding another Emirates flight straight away. So I will be OK then, because I am just transferring. Is that right?
Jason: Yes that is right as long as you carry the item (e-cigarette) in hand baggage .
Me: Thankyou very much for your help.
Jason: Thank you for visiting Dubai airports. Chat support is available 24/7, we are only a click away. Have a good day!

So it looks like e-cigarettes in hand baggage are not a problem in Dubai, as long as you’re a transit passenger staying in the terminal building.

Obviously I wouldn’t advise vaping in the middle of the terminal concourse. But there are smoking rooms where I assume it will be fine.

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8 thoughts on “Taking e-cigarettes through Dubai airport IS OK

  1. Saif

    Hi. I will transit at dubai airport too somewhere in September? Did you bring and vape at dubai airport during your transit?

  2. AA Post author

    Yes, it was fine. Keep your vape in your hand baggage and only vape in the smoke rooms. You’ll see other vapers doing the same.

  3. Nicki

    Hi, I am transiting through Dubai and Melbourne, I use an e cig but with cartridges not liquid. Do you know whether I pack the cartridges in my case or hand luggage.

    Thank you in advance

  4. AA Post author

    Not sure because I don’t use cartridges. But I would imagine they would be fine in hand luggage.

  5. Alison Tighe

    I have been trying my hardest to find answers to this,
    My daughter is going to Tanzania but flying to Dubai first & everone Have been frightening her to death saying she’ll get arrested if she takes her vape & liquid into Dubai.
    To make things worse though she’s 17 years old.
    Do you think she’ll be okay to take it she’s going for a month doing charity work with her sixth form and would struggle without it .

  6. Jenna

    Flying into Dubai next week from Glasgow can I have my vape in my hand luggage

  7. AA Post author

    Hi Jenna,
    If you’re changing planes in Dubai and flying out again, you’re fine. But if you’re staying in Dubai, don’t take your e-cig with you – vaping and vapes are illegal in Dubai at present, as far as I know.

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