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You Decide

Approximately 80,000 children worldwide die from various forms of cancer every year (statistic is for 2012 from Cancer Research).

One of these must be true:

1. God teaches people lessons by killing their children with cancer.

2. God enjoys killing children by giving them cancer.

3. God simply doesn’t care about children.

4. God is powerless to help children with cancer.

5. God doesn’t exist.

You decide.

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Goodnight Europe

And so the UK has sleep-walked its way into what is probably the worst political, economic and constitutional crisis since crises were invented.

If you voted leave, here’s what you voted for:

  • A devalued pound
  • Devalued pensions
  • Interest rate hike
  • The destruction of the NHS
  • Elimination of European options for work and study
  • Probably no change in immigration
  • More expensive holidays in Europe
  • Less choice of flights into Europe
  • Environmental laws at risk
  • Low roaming cost laws at risk
  • Human rights laws at risk
  • Holiday entitlements at risk
  • The break-up of the UK into its constituent countries
  • Peace between the UK and European nations at risk
  • New limits on cross-border commerce
  • Expat healthcare at risk
  • Likelihood of long term recession
  • The prospect of Wurzel Gummidge Boris Johnson as premier
  • The admiration of far-right extremists and fascists everywhere
  • A weakening of democracy (the EU is more democratic than the UK)
  • Likelihood of higher unemployment

But there must be some good to come out of this, right?



Still thinking…

Nope, can’t think of anything.

Still feeling proud to be British?

I guess one thing we’ve learned from this is that Britain contains at least 17.1 million idiots. And if you voted leave, you’re one of them.

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An illegal number?

Apparently in the USA this number is illegal to write down or even know, because it contains the code used to copy-protect DVDs.


Good job I’m not in the USA.

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