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Well that escalated quickly

A recent incoming spam email from a “Mr X” (admin@hosting.sierrafayad.com):

I advise you to take this message serious, if you value your life, I am
a hit man, i was hired to terminate your life by someone very close to

i have been following you for a while now and from my findings you dont
deserve to die.

i know a whole lot about you where you work, where you live, your loved
ones and lots more.

i was paid to terminate your life i almost did until i found out
something about you.

so am going to let you live

this are my conditions

you will pay me $2000 within $48 hours not a second more if you fail, i
will carry out my orders but if you succeed i will give you an audio
recording of my conversation with the person that hired me so you can
take legal actions if i dont do the job another hit man will but if you
know who ordered the hit you stand a fighting chance.

you are to pay me using bitcoin with this bitcoin address below


if you dont know how to send money through bitcoin you can google it

When i receive funds I’ll send you the name of the person the order came
from, as well as all the evidence i have. You will be able to use them
with the police. Do not contact the police or share this message with
anyone if you do you are dead,

Answering to this letter does not make sense, i use one-time mailbox,
cause i really do care about my anonymity. I’ll contact you as soon as
i’ll get the funds.

Does anyone still fall for shit like this?

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Goodnight Europe

And so the UK has sleep-walked its way into what is probably the worst political, economic and constitutional crisis since crises were invented.

If you voted leave, here’s what you voted for:

  • A devalued pound
  • Devalued pensions
  • Interest rate hike
  • The destruction of the NHS
  • Elimination of European options for work and study
  • Probably no change in immigration
  • More expensive holidays in Europe
  • Less choice of flights into Europe
  • Environmental laws at risk
  • Low roaming cost laws at risk
  • Human rights laws at risk
  • Holiday entitlements at risk
  • The break-up of the UK into its constituent countries
  • Peace between the UK and European nations at risk
  • New limits on cross-border commerce
  • Expat healthcare at risk
  • Likelihood of long term recession
  • The prospect of Wurzel Gummidge Boris Johnson as premier
  • The admiration of far-right extremists and fascists everywhere
  • A weakening of democracy (the EU is more democratic than the UK)
  • Likelihood of higher unemployment

But there must be some good to come out of this, right?



Still thinking…

Nope, can’t think of anything.

Still feeling proud to be British?

I guess one thing we’ve learned from this is that Britain contains at least 17.1 million idiots. And if you voted leave, you’re one of them.

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Monument colouring and other absurdities

So the world is attacked by islamists again, and what do we do in response? We light up monuments around the world in the colours of the French flag. I despair…

And as for those saying ‘pray for Paris’? I think the situation is bad enough without even more religion being thrown at it. Have some sensitivity, please.

What’s my take on the latest atrocities? I think enough is enough. The western world has allowed islam to flourish within its borders, and this is the result. I think it’s time that islam was treated as a dangerous and violent cult rather than the religion of peace that it rather ridiculously claims to be.

But don’t mistake me for an islamophobe – though you can call me a religiophobe if you like. I have similar problems with christianity – in particular right wing American christians that think they have rights over a woman’s uterus, and catholics who think they have rights over what people do in their bedrooms. And Judaism – have you actually read the old testament? Murder, rape and slavery are the order of the day, all sanctioned by the bloodthirsty and vicious abrahamic god that is shared between judaism, christianity, and islam.

Anyway, when something like this happens, it’s all very well saying #JeSuisCharlie or adding a red, white and blue overlay to your Facebook profile picture. What is needed is action. Islam has proved time and again that it can’t (or rather, won’t) co-exist peacefully with the rest of the world. So what is the rest of the world going to do?

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